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Atherton Tablelands

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The refreshing mountain retreat of the Atherton Tablelands is only one hours drive from Cairns. The whole area remains un spoilt, friendly and natural.

The area is truly Natures Wonderland - Atherton Tablelands has World Heritage Listed Rainforests, Waterfalls, National Parks, Crater Lakes and Volcanic formations with a backdrop of rolling green hills and mountain vistas.

It is a Wildlife Paradise of exotic bird colonies, butterfly sanctuaries, rare and endangered mammals such as the platypus, tree kangaroo and cassowary can be found in and around the Atherton Tablelands district.

Historic Villages pepper the landscape with quaint towns dotting the scenic countryside, providing essential services such as boutique accommodation, country dining and shopping facilities.

Within an hour, you can reach the magnificent outback landscapes and Savanna Grasslands that provide the diversity of experiences the Atherton Tablelands has on offer.

Taste the local produce farmed from volcanic soils which provide the base for this rich agricultural region, supporting the healthy coffee, tropical fruits and nuts and a dairy industries.

The Mountain Fresh Climate - at approx 750m above sea level provides the Atherton Tablelands with a living environment cooler and fresher than the coast

Using Bohemia Resort Cairns as a base why not spend a day or two and visit the Atherton Tablelands and say g’day.

Atherton Tableands Is A Must Do Experience

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